Balance Druid Gear Spreadsheets for Nighthold

Unlike my Emerald Nightmare Balance Druid Spreadsheet, I did not make these two google docs. However, they are great baseline comparison tools for Balance Druid gear from the Nighthold:

Trinket Comparison Spreadsheet; Gear Comparison Spreadhseet.

Both were sticky posts in the Druid Discord channel. Check out your class and spec at the Useful Discord Channel List I compiled. More and more, the class Discord channels are becoming the go-to place for up-to-the-minute information about your class.

Sensibly, Aran’s Relaxing Ruby has been nerfed. It is still okay-ish for AOE, but it is no longer the best single target trinket (combined with the Nightbane chest) as it was when I simmed a few weeks ago.

On top for single target are Whispers in the Dark and Erratic Metronome. I did not score the Metronome when we went 7/10H in the first night of Nighthold, but my Unstable Arcanocrystal and 880 Ethereal Urn are about as good as you can get outside those two.

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  1. I use shooting stars/ stellar drift for most fights with frequent ads, about half of the dungeon. Gebuz’s balance guide (linked from my class guides) has been updated for 7.1.5 and goes over several talent variations.

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