Legion Mythic Plus Dungeons Guide

EDIT 2017-4-6: Mythic Plus has changed last week with Patch 7.2. This change includes 3 new dungeons, new affixes, and max gear reward at M+10. Aside from that, the below information is still mostly accurate.

(Last Revised 2017-1-21, see Changelog below)

This guide presents my thoughts and tips on Legion’s Mythic Plus dungeons. I cover general strategy, affixes, and dungeons. This is intended to be a living document, updated with suggestions or as Blizzard adds or changes content.

I have gotten the highest rewarding M+ level most every week since they were released, and have tanked, healed, and DPS’d high levels of Mythic+ on my Druid and tanked on my Paladin. My highest completed as of January 21, 2017 is M+16; I completed the Keystone Master achievement December 16, 2016 (twitch video of Neltharion’s Lair +15, Balance Druid POV).

On November 14, 2016, some friends and I completed M+13 Court of Stars, before it had been nerfed. I played a Restoration Druid (twitch video of final boss kill after hours of wipes).

This guide assumes a reasonable familiarity with Mythic+ and is targeted at players looking to improve their performance. For a basic overview of what Mythic+ dungeons are and how they work, this guide on wowhead does well. The linked guides of each dungeon there are a good way to get a very detailed understanding of most bosses, mobs, and mechanics of each dungeon.


Mythic+ dungeons are pretty fun and a reward unto themselves, allowing you to challenge your best times and highest level completed while adding variety with new affix combinations each week. Wait, you need a reason to repeatedly run the same 9 dungeons other than enjoyment? Hmph, well then!

Mythic+ dungeons are a great source of Artifact Power, especially if you complete them quickly.

They have a chance to drop Legendary items each time you complete a dungeon.

They reward gear that increases in iLvL the higher Mythic+ you do.

They also reward a weekly chest in you class hall with a random piece of loot whose iLvL is based on the highest Mythic+ you did the previous week (at the start of patch 7.1.5, the highest base reward is iLvL 900 from doing a Mythic+15 the previous week).

General Strategy


Mythic+s are at their core a time trial. Complete the dungeon as quickly as possible with as few deaths as possible (as deaths add to the timer). As the last mob is dying from a pull, if everyone is healthy and the healer is at full mana you want to already be starting the next pull or using mounts/speed boosts to get towards it.

Mythic+ is not a place for 30 seconds of AFK or debating what to do inside the dungeon. Talk about strategy beforehand; during the dungeon execute upon the strategy. It is often faster to just kill a mob/pull than spend 15 seconds discussing whether it is necessary.

A very helpful addon for Mythic+ is aptly named “Gotta Go Fast.” It will let you know precisely how close you are to the time requirements for 2 or 3 chests and exactly what percentage of mob completion you are at.


Part of the going fast mindset is using consumables as appropriate. If beating the 3-chest timer for you on a dungeon is not trivial, you want to be using flasks, food, and potions. If a Potion of Prolonged Power costs less than 100 gold on your server, why aren’t you drinking them on cooldown during tough Mythic+ dungeons?

Healers absolutely must bring food (I recommend a mage’s Conjured Mana Fritters or cooking Dried Mackerel Strips) to replenish mana between pulls.

Non-healers should bring food as well to eat up and restore health while healers are eating (Sightly Burnt Food works well for this – Nomi was trying to help you in Mythic+ all along!).

Also bring Auto-Hammer or Jeeves in case someone in the group needs to repair. Don’t let them hold you back by needing to hearth or continue broken – have a repair ready!

Don’t hoard gold for the sake of hoarding gold – using consumables enhances your performance and experience. Use them!


If you are not a mage, shaman, or Beast Mastery hunter, bring along Drums of the Mountain so your groups have access to Heroism no matter who else is in the group. You generally want to use heroism on the first boss of each dungeon. Use it again on the next boss where it’s off cooldown if you will get a third use, or save the second and final use for the most difficult encounter of a dungeon.

On tyrannical, you may find certain bosses impossible to kill without heroism. Use a DBM break timer (/dbm break 5) and come back when herosim is ready if you wiped. Tyrannical bosses can feel like progression raiding if you do not out-gear them. I think this is fun and good; whatever your opinion of it, you may need time and patience if you want to kill every Mythic+ boss on tyrannical.

As an aside, I wish that Blizzard would make the heroism debuff dissappear after a wipe once the timer has expired on a Mythic+ dungeon. Waiting 5-10 minutes between pulls for heroism on difficult encounters is a tad annoying.


Make friends with people you run Mythic+ dungeons with and try and do more dungeons with them. Whether from your guild, friends list, or PUG, every party member is a potential long-term Mythic+ group mate. Just like raids, Mythic+s go more smoothly the more familiar the group is with each other and the strategy the group is using on a particular encounter. Also like raids, voice communication helps.

If you have to start by PUGing, then by all means go for it. But hopefully over the course of playing you can find some folks to play with repeatedly. Ideally you and your buddies can get a high Mythic+ done each week to maximize your weekly reward cache.


Not all classes are created equal. AOE stuns, interrupts, and creature control are useful. AOE damage is good, as is survivability and mobility. Of course, player skill comes before class, but for near-or-equal skill levels, the following classes have an edge.

Balance changes by Blizzard will change who does better or worse numbers. Also, the best class for one dungeon may be worse on another. But in terms of class design, the following strike me as generally strong for Mythic+:

Tanks: Paladins – Paladins have interrupts for days, excellent damage, great survivability, and many tricks up their sleeves.

Druids – Druids are extremely survivable and can do very reasonable AOE DPS.

Blood Death Knights – 20 yard AOE grip is extremely powerful and DKs do excellent damage. For any affix except Necrotic, DKs are great if they can survive the encounters. That can be a “big if” on hard content, however.

The other thanks are usable but the above tanks – again in terms of class design – seem strongest.

Melee DPS: Rogues: They can pick the spec best suited to the dungeon, as at least two are currently viable, and they bring strong survivability and mob control. They can shroud groups past pulls you want to skip, bring sap, and have tricks of the trade for skittish.

Enhancement Shamans: They have an AOE stun, bring heroism, and are designed to do great AOE damage.

Windwalker Monks bring a lot of the same things Enhancement Shamans do. DPS DKs are also quite strong, with grip being useful in many situations.

Really, almost every melee class is strong and viable in Mythic+. Pure melee groups can be viable depending on the dungeon.

Ranged DPS: Mages: Mages are the best ranged class to bring, and it is not close. Like Rogues, they can pick the spec best suited to the dungeon or group. Fire has great AOE DPS, and mages bring heroism, crowd control, and good survivability.

Balance Druids: They can bring extremely strong sustained AOE after patch 7.1.5, which is usually great in Mythic+.

Healers: Restoration Druids: They have nearly unlimited mobility, strong survivability, and can add significant DPS in low-healing periods. The best by a large margin on weeks with the Overflowing affix.

Restoration Shamans: They bring very strong boss healing with several good cooldowns. Heroism, AOE stun, hex, and interrupt all add value.

Most healing specs are close and can get through any level of Mythic+, but the above two are the strongest.

Getting “Carried”

If you do not have friends to run with and are not sure whether you will complete your key this week, you might as well use it in a PUG. You can create your own PUG and hope for the best, possibly hoping to find people to play with in the future.

Alternatively, you can join a “carry group.” Many groups of experienced 880+ ilvl players will create groups in the group finder indicating what dungeons and M+ range they are looking to play. If you have a key that fits what they are looking to run, apply to the group and whisper them linking your key.

Some of these groups will let you down, but often they will make the 3-chest timer for you key and provide an efficient dungeon experience. If your alternative is letting your M+ key expire, you may as well give it a shot.

For all you know, you may hit it off with the group and run with them in the future. I have a friend who found a new guild through a Mythic+ guild carry group.

If you lead a group doing the carrying, the Keybooster addon is a nice UI improvement to sort out which applicants have which key.

Tips and Tricks

Rogues are sneaky! Shroud can help your group sneak past groups, and Sap can incapacitate a target, turning a group that you couldn’t all sneak past into a group you can all sneak past.

Invisibility potions can be useful for skipping packs, either as part of a main strategy or in case you kill too many mobs earlier in the dungeon.

Similarly, you can “corpse-run” through mobs you do not want to fight. To “corpse-run,” run through mobs and have the healer try to die first. Have someone battle-resurrect the healer, waiting to take the resurrection until everyone has died. The healer then group resurrects everyone, and the mobs are now behind you instead of ahead of you. This is generally worse than using an invisibility potion.

“Kiting” is the process of a tank getting mobs’ aggression focused on the tank then running away from the mobs out of melee range. Kiting is great on Necrotic. It can also be great generally on fortified or otherwise difficult pulls, allowing DPS to bring down ads while the tank stays alive.

Night Elf healers can Shadowmeld and start eating to replenish mana during a pull.

Know where you will respawn if you release. If you are fighting the first pack below decks in Maw of Souls, you should release and spawn right there, not wait for a resurrection. Conversely, you had better not release if you die while the last mob of the last pack dies in Darkheart Thicket – you will respawn far away and waste your group’s time.


Bolstering, Raging, Sanguine, and Teeming appear at M+ 4 and higher.

Necrotic, OverflowingSkittish, and Volcanic appear at M+ 7 and higher.

Fortified and Tyrannical appear at M+ 10 and higher.

Several of these are easier or harder based on group composition; it pays to have many friends of different classes and/or who can play multiple specs.

More affixes are coming; Blizzcon 2016 revealed “Bursting,” an affix that causes mobs to explode and place a stacking damage over time effect on players (MMO-Champion thread discussing it).

The affixes appear in a semirandom combination; this chart shows predictions of what combination of affixes will come based on observations from beta and other regions:

Chart of Affixes by Week


Bolstering -“When any non-boss enemy dies, its death cry empowers nearby allies, increasing their maximum health and damage by 20%.”

Strategy: AOE down all mobs so they all die at the same time. Make sure not to kill weaker mobs while leaving stronger mobs at high health.


Raging – “Non-boss enemies enrage at 30% health remaining, dealing 100% increased damage until defeated.”

Strategy: Ideally bring AOE stuns and stun the mobs as they reach 20%. At higher levels of M+, if you cannot kill all mobs while stunned below 20%, single target down mobs so only one or two mobs enrage at a time. Single target stun enraged mobs as necessary.


Sanguine – “When slain, non-boss enemies leave behind a lingering pool of ichor that heals their allies and damages players.”

Strategy: Tanks should steadily kite mobs so that remaining mobs do not stand on sanguine pools. Classes that can knock back or pull ads should bring those abilities to get stubborn stationary mobs out of sanguine. Death Knight Grip, Druid Typhoon, etc.


Teeming – “Additional non-boss enemies are present throughout the dungeon.”

Strategy: This affix will force players to change pull routes they are accustomed to, as more mobs will be necessary to achieve 100% completion rate.

Some dungeons will now spawn a group of 3-4 hard-hitting mobs instead of 1-2, turning a manageable pull into one that is very difficult without creature control. Spells like Hex and Polymorph are your friends here.


Necrotic – “All enemies’ melee attacks apply a stacking blight that inflicts damage over time and reduces healing received.”

Strategy: The stack keeps growing indefinitely until the player is not hit for several seconds and the stack falls off.

As with Raging, AOE stuns are a big help. A tank ideally wants to kite away from mobs to let Necrotic fall off during big pulls. Some tanks have a much easier time of this than others. Blood Death Knights in particular complain about Necrotic.

If kiting is not proving effective, pull smaller groups than normal or use creature control to minimize stacks on the tank.


Overflowing – “Healing in excess of a target’s maximum health is instead converted to a heal absorption effect.”

Strategy: This varies based on the healer. For Restoration Druids, this is a very easy affix. Heal over time spells like Rejuvenation will tick once on a full party member, creating an absorption shield, then tick again and remove the shield. The affix can practically be ignored.

Classes with mostly big, direct heals struggle with overflowing. Lay on Hands is particularly problematic if used without care.


Skittish – “Enemies pay far less attention to threat generated by tanks.”

Strategy: This depends on how well the tank can keep aggro. Tanks with high damage like Paladins and Demon Hunters have a bit of a better time. Warrios in particular struggle. Hunters using Misdirection or Rogues using Tricks of the Trade helps. AOE stuns also help – noticing a pattern?


Volcanic – “While in combat, enemies periodically cause gouts of flame to erupt beneath the feet of distant players.”

Strategy: If you see a volcano spawning under you, stop what you are doing and move. It’s simple to say, but it can be difficult to execute, and it can be very hard for certain casters and healers to be effective with lots of additional movement.

Every mob will periodically cause a volcano to spawn on players at range from it (or a random player if no player is at range). This means that if a single mob is attacking a “ranged” player, the melee and tanks are eligible to have volcanoes spawned under them.

Ranged classes with many instant casts deal with this much more easily. Beast Mastery Hunters in particular have an easy time dealing with Volcanic. Certain dungeons have mobs that are more resistant to being grouped up, making Volcanic on melee more frequent and worrisome.


Fortified – “Non-boss enemies have 20% more health and inflict up to 40% increased damage.”

Strategy: I will cover this more on a per dungeon basis. Generally you need to pull smaller packs and use stuns and creature control better.


Tyrannical – “Boss enemies have 40% more health and inflict up to 20% increased damage.”

Strategy: I will cover this on a per-boss basis. This makes some dungeons much harder. As of January 21, 2017, the final bosses of Court of Stars, Eye of Azshara, and Blackrock Hold are among the most difficult.


This guide assumes that you have done the dungeons and are looking to improve. It points out a few ways to improve on each dungeon rather than explain every single mechanic. On each dungeon you need to interrupt important casts (like fears or heals), stun mobs when they enrage, etc.

Black Rock Hold

This dungeon is pretty straightforward, albeit challenging. There are not many pulls to avoid, and you generally do not want to pull additional mobs off the main path. The main groups to avoid are the first packs of the dungeon, which can get dangerous if not interrupted. Use a speed boost and invisibility pot and go to the right, and you can get all the way to the first boss.

On the gauntlet area with bats, the bats do not aggro unless DPSed. Focus on killing the demons.

Using an invisibility potion on the stairs before the last boss can save time if you have somehow met the mob count.

Fortified: The packs leading up to Illysanna can be line-of-sight pulled behind pillars to group them up more easily. You may want to use some cooldowns or creature control on these packs.

Tyrannical: I try to avoid difficult levels of BRH on tyrannical. Lord Ravencrest casts Shadow Bolt Volley, which on tyrannical can one-shot players without damage reduction cooldowns available.

Court of Stars

Study this wowhead map. Know at least the buffs you can trigger and ideally all buffs available so you can ask your party members if they have X profession to trigger Y buff. Seriously, go study the map right now.

Throughout, kill all sentries before they activate a beacon. Interrupt Construct casts of Suppress.

Jump through the water to avoid the construct on the first bridge. Pull the mobs close to the water, and hug the right building. Don’t worry about disabling all the towers before Gerdo; even on Tyrannical, you should be able to kill the boss before the ads arrive. If you cannot, you are in for a rude awakening on the last boss.

In the buffs area before the second boss, pull the patrolling imps before you pull other mobs and have the imps run into you. Avoid pulling extra Felbound Enforcers if you were able to distract one of Talixae‘s guardians with the buff items. The damaging ability from Enforcers can be line-of-sighted around pillars as it casts to avoid all damage.

This dungeon is won or lost in two places, generally. First, getting the buff items and guardians quickly. Second, in playing the “identify-the-demon” game before the third boss. Protection paladins should have a glowing shield near the right mob after all the gossip clues are gathered, and demon hunters should be able to see the right mob as well.

After the miniboss, someone should start running to quickly click the final boss door.

Once you learn how the dungeon works, it is pretty quick and easy at low Mythic+ levels.

Fortified: The enforcers and guardians are all strong as mini-bosses. Constructs hit rather hard as well.

Tyrannical: Having killed Melandrus on M+13 (twitch video of the kill), I suspect most other dungeons are an easier path on Tyrannical weeks. Even with the nerf before patch 7.1.5, he can be a bit tricky. The boss’s soft-enrage gets more punishing with Tyrannical, and your DPS will need 300-400k dps, depending on the M+ level, to kill the boss before the unhealable 9/10th round of AOE damage.

Darkheart Thicket

Early, you can go to the left and go through a keyhole to skip some mobs. Don’t do that. Instead, climb a rock to the left of the keyhole and skip even more mobs.

If you have Sap or a similar effect, sap the dancing centaur to avoid the 5-mob pack after Glaidalis. You can hex or roots it when it stops dancing as well if your group stays for to the right to avoid aggroing it. Skip the second big red dude before Dresaron.

If you get 100% mob completion before the last pack in the dungeon, you can corpse-run or invisibility potion through it. If you have not pulled any extra packs, though, you may need that pack for completion %.

Fortified: You need some creature control for the last packs in the dungeon. Double bear packs may need some cooldowns.

Tyrannical: Not too bad on tyrannical if your group is geared enough for it.

Eye of Azshara

Many groups go to the left at the start to avoid mobs, then need additional mobs near the end of the dungeon. On easy affixes, I prefer going straight along the path to the first poss to minimize mobs later, as these mobs are packed tightly together and, if your group can interrupt, are not very challenging.

After the first boss, kill the first Hatecoil Arcanist on the path. Then turn off the path and go to the right, go across the water, skip all the trash, and pull the Arcanist to the left of Lady Hatecoil. Some groups like to kill the next boss before Hatecoil, but I prefer killing her first as the extra running wastes time.

Kill at least 3 packs of crabs, 3 Stormwake Hydras, and 4 Mak’ranas before pulling Serpentrix. If your group has rotational AOE or can’t help themselves from pulling seagulls, you may wish to clear them as well.

Pull 3-4 groups of crabs to the left and AOE them all down together to make up mob count, or plan on pulling extra giblins or murlocs later.

Skip the giant at the start of the cave, but get both the murloc and giblin pack. Skip all the way to the two final giants. They should get you to 100%. If not, the murlocs to the left should do it.

You can get the last 2% you need from the snail to the right of the 2nd-to-last boss if you have ranged. They can often kill it “for free” with DoT spells while your group focuses on the last boss.

Fortified: You may want to use heroism on the final two giants rather than on the last boss.

Tyrannical: The last boss is tough on Tyrannical. If the first boss feels difficult, consider whether your group has what it takes to do the last boss. There are easier dungeons on Tyrannical for sure.

Halls of Valor

After the first boss, you can line-of-sight the patrols and mobs near the door outside of the building. This is recommended as it makes accidentally pulling a patrol much less likely.

Go left to Hyrja and heroism on her, then go right to Fenryr. Depending on your gear and the Mythic+ level, you can do two or three rounds on the left side of Hyrja and possibly skip the right side all together.

You only need to kill one mob (a Bull) before taking Fenryr from 100% to 60%. With sap you could skip it if you do not need it for completion percentage.

You should only need to kill one pack of Wolves before pulling Fenryr; just be careful to not pull an additional pack while fighting Fenryr. If you pull all the patrols as mentioned above, you do not need more mobs here for completion %.

After Fenryr, you can use beer to sap the four mobs in the middle of the building and pull the two by the door into the area before the bridge. Once they are near dead, if you have DOTs on them, you can run up the bridge and they will follow. If you need to, finish them off in the final room before engaging the four kings there.

I prefer using heroism on Skovald rather than Odyn.

Fortified: An even better reason not to pull extra animals near Fenryr.

Tyrannical: The bosses are hard but doable on Tyrannical. If you are confident your group can dodge orbs of light, consider using heroism on Fenryr instead of Hyrja, and possibly going to Fenryr first if you are going for a 3-chest clear

Maw of Souls

Everyone’s favorite quick 3-boss dungeon. It’s one of the easiest, even at high levels. It is easy, short, and equally rewarding as the other dungeons? No wonder carry groups prefer Maw of Souls keys.

The start of this dungeon is where you can really get ahead. With a low enough M+ and/or high enough gear, you can pull every single mob outside into the first boss and AOE them down while cleaving off the boss with heroism up. Make sure the tank is comfortable with having aggro before starting heroism and DPS.

Go slower as needed, but get every single mob outside.

Below decks, I like pulling the pack in the dead end to the right rather than more packs above decks.

Above decks, pull two large mobs on both sides, then pull both packs at the end. Make sure not to miss interrupting fears or heals.

Fortified: Forget pulling everything into the first boss. You likely don’t want a second mariner below decks either since your healer will need to use cooldowns on the first one. Some patrolling dogs or additional mobs above decks can make up the %. Heroism on Skjal, not Helya!

Tyrannical: Brave groups will still pull everything outside into the first boss. Consider using heroism on phase one of Helya to keep ahead of the tentacles; phase two is an endurance check with no enrage mechanic.

Neltharion’s Lair

Pull everything at the start except Vileshard Hulk in a big a pack as possible. Go left into the river then pull the three mobs right before the waterfall, killing them before jumping down. The healer should jump down early to star the dialog and restore their mana.

At the base of the next waterfall, pull the two mobs to the right and have ranged DOT up and kill the drum. Once the drum dies, you may pull the drummer; without his drum he is a vanilla mob.

Pull mobs on the right and the patrol before the drummer. Do not pull this drummer.

Pelters sometimes stop throwing rocks if the tank gets aggro then kites them far away. This can be very useful for fortified or teeming groups of pelters.

Pull the 2-pelter group, then the Hulk +1 group. Go up the ramp towards Ularogg, and pull every mob up there (not the one down in the cave to the right). After Ularogg, if you have 64%, walk by the snail race group (hug the wall closely; have a rogue sap for some breathing room) and the basilisks in the water. If you don’t, pull some of the basilisks to get you to 64% before engaging the first mobs in the worm area.

Downstairs, you should need everything but the three mob group to the right. Unless you are feeling confident, Polymorph the mobs next to the Scorpions and do the Scorpions one at a time.

As far as I am concerned, Neltharion’s Lair is the second easiest dungeon after Maw of Souls.

Fortified: Stun and use creature control on pelters; try not to fight more than one at a time. Use Grips or Ursol’s Vortex to make sure you can bring them back to the group. Chain stun the scorpions at the end and use defensive cooldowns.

Tyrannical: Nothing too hard here. Some groups like using heroism on Naraxas rather than the last boss.

The Arcway

For the first three globules, you can currently kill them then have everyone run outside and run back in. You get full % for the globules and the mini-globs disappear.

It’s hard to write a pull suggestion for The Arcway, since which direction you go is based on what doors are open. If you go left first, make sure to jump down after Xakal to skip mobs.

You generally want to also skip most of the mobs in the hallways closest to the central chamber, killing the mobs along the outside arc. Bring invisibility potions in case you are at full completion and need to get to the last boss. Skip the rats if possible.

You can line-of-sight pull the wyrms before Ivanyr to the hallway and behind the bridge.

Fortified: The demon area to the left is hard without fortified and very hard with it. Use Sap to sneak by liberally.

Tyrannical: This dungeon isn’t that bad on Tyrannical; the spider boss is probably the scariest (heroism helps) but it mostly just requires quick reaction speed to avoid deaths from Tangled Web and Blink Strikes.

Vault of the Wardens

Like Black Rock Hold, you want to take a normal-looking path in Vault, at least now that Goblin Glider no longer is usable in Mythic+ dungeons.

Pull all the mobs on one side in the start, up to and possibly including the miniboss. Pull all the mobs on one side, then all the mobs on the other side of the second staircase. Kill the mobs on your way to the first boss. Kill all the mobs in both hallways leading to Foul Mother.

Kill the mobs in front of Ash’Golm, kill him, run to Gazer, then run back out through Ash’Golm.

Kill the mob towards the elevator. Run off the rock to the left to skip to some spiders. Run off again to more spiders. Kill mobs to get to 100% and beat up Cordana.

Make sure to do both sides of the second staircase and foul mother in the beginning, or you will be short on mob count and need more spiders near the end. On easy affixes you can kill the mob in front of Gazer rather than running back out through Ash’Golm and skip some earlier mobs.

Fortified: You may want to use heroism on the first miniboss, depending on the other affixes and M+ level.

Tyrannical: You want heroism on the second boss and you want to get lucky and not get the Mogu. Pull the boss up to the ramp behind where he spawns and line-of-sight all the ads. Mogu you have to go down and kill, unfortunately.

You might want to heroism right as the dungeon starts if it will take your group 10 minutes to get to the second boss.

Other Mythic+ Guides

The following guides are other strong resources for Mythic+.



Wowhead guide

Mythicpl.us – shows weekly affixes, current rewards, and has a nifty calculator if you are shooting for 54 traits.


2017-1-21: Comprehensive revision: Some route edits, reward changes with 7.1.5, class recommendation changes, new sections, other edits.


I hope this guide was useful to you.

If you have any suggestions or feedback, please let me know by commenting below or getting in touch with me. If you liked the guide, I would appreciate it if you shared it with your friends and guilds. Thank you!

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  1. Really nice guide, worth bookmarking for sure.
    What talents are you using for Druid healing and are they uniform for all runs?
    What are the expectations — heavy tank healing, utility, speed …

    Good article! Thank you.

    1. The talents section (http://www.wowhead.com/restoration-druid-talent-guide) of the Restoration Druid Guide (http://www.wowhead.com/restoration-druid-guide) I link from the Class Guides Hub (http://raidadvice.com/world-of-warcraft-legion-class-guides/) is pretty solid.

      Generally, for hard Mythic+ content, I use 2/1/3/1/3/3/3 (Cenarion Ward, Renewal, Guardian Affinity, Mighty Bash, Cultivation, Germination, Flourish), but that varies depending on the dungeon, affix, and Mythic+ level. I usually Keep Cenarion Ward, Renewal, and Germination. I could write a whole post about Restoration Druid talents in Mythic+.

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