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Are you an officer in your mythic raiding Warcraft guild? Do you have a hard time setting the 20-person roster for each encounter, figuring out who should come in if a replacement is needed, or making sure that each player gets their fair share of playing time?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. In Tier 18, I designed a roster system based on this Google Sheet. It integrates with Discord and this Weakaura a friend made. It automatically generates a list of who you have scheduled for each boss, and which players to swap in and out.

I have updated it for Legion for your use.

Getting the Sheet

Get the Google Sheet. Click on File, Make a Copy, so you have your own version to edit.

Preparing for Raid

The Sheet is easy and fairly self-explanatory. Fill in the player’s names, classes, Battle Tags, and Discord IDs if you use discord.

Then, when you are ready for fill in names for your first week of raiding, click the triangle next to “Weekly Template” at the bottom, and click Duplicate. Double click on “Copy of Weekly Template” to rename it to the week of your raid, such as “2016-09-27.” Change the first line of the sheet to remind you that it is for a certain week. Each week, keep making copies of the weekly template, and save the lists from past weeks to have a record of who you wanted to bring.

For each encounter, place a 1 next to players you want in, and 2-5 for backups in order of preference. For each mythic boss, you should have 20 players in.

Then, if necessary, update the boss order at the bottom of the sheet. If you are skipping a boss, simply place the number at the end and adjust the other numbers accordingly. If you are completing the bosses in the order listed, no adjustment is necessary.

On Raid Night

Here’s where the magic comes in!

Via a bit of creative Sheet functions, the lines at the bottom indicating which players are in and our update automatically. Now, before raid night, or before each encounter, you can copy the lines at the bottom listing which players will be in for the fight. You can paste them on your forums or into chat in Mumble or Discord.

After each boss, you can copy/paste the IN/OUT list. If you use Discord, this will ping the players coming IN to get their attention.

Integrated Weakaura

If that wasn’t exciting enough, my buddy (who wishes to remain anonymous) created this Weakaura for officers who manage the sit list to use. Copy/paste the list of players you want in for a boss into officer chat that is generated by the spreadsheet (including the boss name and asterisks), and every officer with the Weakaura will be told which players to bring in and out.

To clear the instructions, type /wa in chat to bring up your Weakaura menu or complete the roster swaps as instructed.

A few notes about the Weakaura:

  1. While this sheet can be used with Normal/Heroic groups, the Weakaura is hard-coded for 20-person mythic, with groups 1-4 being “in” and 5-8 being “out.”
  2. If your raiders have above-average name lengths, you will not be able to copy in the name of every raider into a single chat line. Copy as many names as you can, and figure out the remaining raiders without using the Weakaura.
    If you have an idea of how to edit the Weakaura to fix this, do so and let me know about it! I have no custom LUA experience, and my buddy has moved on to another guild and may not have the time to come up with a fix.
    One solution would be to use the first 5 characters in each player’s name, but that could cause problems if a guild has two similarly named players.
  3. As noted, my buddy may not have much time to work on the Weakaura, and I do not have experience with custom LUA Weakauras. If you see a problem, I would love to know about it, but I very well may not be able to get it fixed. I welcome you to make the fix and have me integrate your improvement into the Weakaura.


That’s it. I hope this system helps you as much as it helped me in managing a roster. Good luck with The Emerald Nightmare and The Nighthold!

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