About this Site

This site strives to compile the best information and guides for World of Warcraft, especially class guides for top-level raiding. I hope that the posts are fun to read and help you get more out of the game.

Principles for including guides:

  1. Link only a few, “best” guides, perhaps others as honorable mentions.
  2. Update guides based on community recommendations and feedback.

About the Author(s)

Right now, this site is maintained by me, Raphael.

In Hellfire Citadel, I played as a Holy Paladin with the 2-day mythic guild Cake Plantation (wowprogress). We finished US 167 and were around the 10th US 2-day guild to finish Tier 18. I was an officer and then GM before we wound down the guild. Armory, Logs.

I currently play as a Balance Druid with the 2-day mythic guild Trap Run (wowprogress). Armory, Logs. In Legion, I was a part of the the Trial of Valor US 128 kill on Guarm before Nighthold’s release.

My Twitch.

Contact me with suggestions or feedback via btag (Raphael#1142) or at raphanwow@gmail.com. If this website is useful to you, let me know. If you see room for improvement, let me know that too.