Delete your Hearthstone

If you don’t love special events, the recent Diablo-themed Warcraft event may have caused your eyes to glaze over. You may have missed the limited-availability Tome of Town Portal.

This toy is obtained easily by killing and looting 5 or so Treasure Goblins. They appear in various places – the easiest place to farm them is the Dalaran Underbelly, where they appear every few minutes.

It shares a cooldown with and has the same functionality as a Hearthstone, but it is a toy so it doesn’t take up bag space. Move aside Hearthstone – the Tome has arrived!

1 thought on “Delete your Hearthstone”

  1. Woot! I need the bag space.
    I need the Action Bar space more, for certain sure.
    But if I ‘favorite’ the toy, I can quick open my collections.
    With the Innkeeper’s Daughter, I could only use it on the character who did the digs — I hope this Tome is account-wide!

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