Get 20% Better at Raiding in One Simple Step

Whether it’s friends asking for tips on a spec, readers wondering if a guide is accurate, or people in trade chat wondering if Thunderfury is their best in slot legendary, people often reach out to me and ask how they can get better at raiding.

There are many complicated methods of getting better. We can analyze logs. We can eek out small gains in Simcraft. We can acquire better gear. We can practice our rotation. We can study encounters and develop strategies to overcome them.

Those are all good things to do, and in past expansions, one of them might have been my top suggestion for getting better results. Not in Legion though. In Legion, this one simple tip is your best bet for improvement:

Complete as many Mythic Plus Dungeons as you can.

It’s a long process and is not easy, since the beginning of the end (54 traits in your primary spec) is over 200 dungeons away. But it’s very simple.

And I am not being facetious here. Mythic Plus dungeons are likely the quickest, most repeatable way to acquire artifact power, and getting enough artifact power for 54 traits is guaranteed to make you 15-20% better than you were at 34 traits.

Not only that, Mythic Plus may reward you with gear improvements. It lets you practice your spec as well. You can be bad at analyzing logs or understanding encounters. But no matter your skill level, you will be 15-20% better after maximizing your artifact weapon. If you get good legendary drops or titanforges, you might be even more than 20% more effective after completing the grind.

Logs? Simcraft? Gear? Practice? Preparation? Nah. Just spam dungeons.

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