Preparing for Nighthold

I realized I did not make a preparing for Nighthold post like my Preparing for the Emerald Nightmare post. The reason? I didn’t have to.

I actually read that prior post and followed its advice in preparing for Nighthold. Many of the links now lead to Nighthold information, and the same principles for preparation that applied then apply now.

And the preparation worked out pretty well – I did well both as Balance and offhealing (considering my gear and Artifact Power) as Restoration. We cleared 9/10H during our seven hours of raid, and many of us got together and managed to down Heroic Gul’dan (after 10/10 normal) on our optional Sunday run. I am excited for Mythic progression, which for me is “the real challenge.”

At some point I may rewrite that article generalizing for all raids. For now, if you are wondering what more you can do to prepare for Nighthold, check out that post.

I have pre-written a few posts about Balance Druid and Nighthold that you can expect to see this coming week, if you are focused on Balance Druid preparation in particular.

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