Mount Up and Do Mythics

These are two World of Warcraft tidbits I wanted to share. They will help you mount up and clear mythic dungeons each week.

Mount Up

EDIT 2016-10-11: Follow up post here.

The following is my Mount Up macro. I assign the “favorite mounts” icon to it, and enjoy using it to get around in Legion.

/castrandom [mod:alt]Azure Water Strider, Crimson Water Strider
/cast [mod:shift]Grand Expedition Yak;[mod:ctrl]Mekgineer's Chopper
/cast [flyable]X-53 Touring Rocket
/cancelform [stance:1/2]
/run C_MountJournal.SummonByID(0)

Here’s what it does: If mounted, I dismount. If I am holding alt, cast either Azure Water Stider or Crimson Water Strider. If I am holding shift, cast my Yak for repairs and transmog. If I am holding control, cast MekGineer’s Chopper for a two-person ground mount. If none of the above, make sure I am not in bear or cat form (if you skip this step, the next doesn’t work), and summon a random favorite mount.

This allows me to set both ground and flying mounts as my favorite mounts for use in the Broken Isles, cast a water-walker/shop/transmog mount/2-seater if I need it, and cast a 2-seater flying mount if I happen to be in a flyable zone.

Consider this alternative:

/cast [mod:alt]Crimson Water Strider;[mod:shift]Traveler's Tundra Mammoth;[mod:ctrl]Sandstone Drake
/castrandom [flyable]Red Flying Cloud, Black Drake
/run C_MountJournal.SummonByID(0)

This macro would work for a non-druid. It would cast Crimson Water Strider with alt, Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth with shift, and Sandstone Drake with control for a two-person flying or ground mount. If none of the above, and in a flying zone, cast either Red Flying Cloud or Black Drake. If not in a flying zone, cast a favorite mount.

You can obviously change the mount names if you have different mounts or preferences. Happy trails!

Do Mythics

This weakaura, by Spinalcrack, the first of his name, Co-GM of <Dinosaur Cowboys> on US-Sargeras, Assistant Administrator at, and Protector of the Realm, displays which mythic dungeons you have yet to complete each week when you open up the dungeon journal. There’s a picture of exactly how it looks at the page.

This is deceptively useful! I had thought checking my calendar, figuring out which ones I had done, and subtracting would be just as easy. It’s not even close. Just opening the journal and seeing which mythics I have not finished yet is amazing. Hopefully this helps you wrap up the last few you need to do this weekend.

I resisted installing this weakaura for a week even though Spinal is the co-GM of my guild and suggested it to us. Once you install it, it feels like it should have always been there and you never want to go back. That’s pretty much the universal opinion of everyone I’ve gotten to try it.

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