Legion Prepatch Looms

Hello and welcome back to RaidAdvice. Who’s excited for the Legion prepatch (coming in a few days on July 19, 2016)?

Guide availability for the prepatch is spotty right now, and several writers are waiting to release guides until the patch drops. Check back in a week or two for my first-draft list of prepatch class guides. Before Legion hits, there’s a few raid-oriented posts I intend to release, so be on the lookout for those as well!

For now, there’s a reddit thread with information on several guides, and some class websites (links available from the Class Guides Tier 18 page) have forums where folks are starting to theorycraft. Class discord channels and IRC have some good guides forming/promised as well.

If you know of a good guide, feel free to leave a comment here, or contact me directly (my contact information is available in the about page).

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