Gearing up for The Emerald Nightmare with PvP World Quests

There is no more PvP gear in Legion. Players can get gear from PvE and they can get gear from PvP, and PvP gear can be used in PvE and vice versa. According to Blizzard, “in Legion, gear is gear, regardless of where you earned it, with no PvP-specific stats or fluctuating item levels, and the best players in both PvP and PvE content will be able to earn the best gear.”

Now, if a player had to be extremely talented at PvP to get good gear, a mythic raider who was not excellent at PvP might be fine ignoring PvP in Legion. However, this appears not to be the case: you can basically acquire PvP gear from world quests much like how you get other gear from world quests.

Here is a list of PvP world quests in Legion. Three Warden Tower Assault quests spawn every three hours, one in each of Val’sharah, Highmountain, and Stormheim. These quests are very straightforward, players must kill several opposing faction NPCs then kill a boss NPC at the top of a tower. The mobs are a bit punishing, so pull a few at a time, bring a tank, wait for other members of your faction to show up, or all three. Doing these quests rewards honor. They also reward either gold, artifact knowledge, or iLvL 805 gear.

Here’s the important part for gearing up: These quests, under certain conditions, start rewarding 840 gear instead of 805 gear, the same iLvL gear that drops from mythic dungeons! And just like mythic dungeons, that gear can roll warforged.

It’s not clear exactly what breakpoints cause the quests to start spawning 840 gear or stop spawning 805 gear (840 gear starts showing up as a reward at around honor level 14), but as noted by World of Warcraft’s Lead PvP Designer the “gear reward ilvl from PvP world quest increase based on Honor level.” How can you increase your honor level if you don’t want to fight other players in PvP? That’s right, you guessed it, by doing these world quests every few hours.

Two notes: First, for the Val’sharah quest, the world map icon currently always directs you to the southern tower. If you get there, and the tower is guarded by your faction, you need to go to the northern tower. It’s located northwest of Blackrock Hold at around (33, 44).

Second, for avid PvPers, you need not worry: “When you Prestige, the world quest system will consider you Honor level 50 when calculating your reward.”



2 thoughts on “Gearing up for The Emerald Nightmare with PvP World Quests”

  1. Regarding the Warden Tower Assault quest in Val’Sharah, you can distinguish if the current world quest marker is in the correct location by looking at the name of the quest. If the name of the quest is “Warden Tower Assault: Darkfollow’s Spire”, then the world quest marker is in the correct location. If however the name of the quest is “Warden Tower Assault: Starstalker’s Point”, then the marker is in the wrong location, and you will need to travel to west of Black Rook Hold as you indicated!

  2. Thanks for the tip MoonBunnie. To remember this, I recall the phrase “Northern Star” – the *northern* quest is at *Star*stalker’s point.

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