Useful Websites for Legion Prepatch

Discord is the new voice program taking over many gaming communities with its crisp, free voice-chat and very useful text channels (EDIT: see this list of Discord channels for Legion).

There are several community-run wow-related discord servers, including this one for WoW in general and these for each class. Check these channels if you want to stay tuned for the very latest theory-crafting. You can also make a free server for your guild. Wowhead, already very useful in general, seems to be stepping up its class guides game for Legion (navigate from – A very reasonable starting off point for class guides, with the best guide available for some specs. The Icy-Veins forums also have bits of useful discussion. This site, like wowhead, has periodic updates about wow, as well has having very well-trafficked forums, which have the best theorycrafting available for some classes. This reddit subreddit is an official wow community site and has good, active discussion about wow. This reddit subreddit is narrowly focused on high-level wow raiding. There are detailed guides, log analysis posts, and more. This website allows an alternative view of the wow armory. The collectibles, mounts section links to a good guide for mount farming and tells what you missed at a glance. This website is a great way to quickly outline raid positioning strategies for HFC.

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