Khadgar Admiration

I’m posting this because it seems that a surprising number of people don’t know about it. In 7.1.5, Blizzard added a repeatable quest to turn Order Hall Resources in to Khadgar in Dalaran as tribute. The more times you turn them in, the greater his admiration for you as a hero grows, and the higher base ilvl gear rewards you can get from world quests.

It works very similarly to Artifact Knowledge research in your order hall. Like Artifact Knowledge (AK) increases your Artifact Power gains, Khadgar Admiration (KA) increases gains from world quests. Once you get to max KA (25/25) your world quest rewards will skyrocket, with a consistent base item level of 880/885 instead of 840/845. Just like AK, KA will have even more levels in 7.2, allowing you to further increase your world quest rewards.

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