Halfway Through Antorus

Hey there. I’m still around, moderating /r/competitivewow and playing in my guild Storm. I just haven’t had anything I felt compelled to blog about.

Blizzcon was great. There was a fun panel with Day9 and several Warcraft content creators about how to effectively be a content creator, and a top suggestion was having a consistent release schedule. I’ve thought about getting into something like that on the blog. Maybe consistently releasing something on Tuesdays. We’ll see.

I day-raided day one of a mythic release for the first time ever, and in the first week my (normally raiding only 7 hours per week) guild cleared half the bosses in the raid on mythic. That was exciting, but it leaves me wondering what we are going to be doing for the next X months until Battle for Azeroth is released.

Method already has cleared the full raid, and on social media indicated that the first 9 bosses are of similar difficulty. The seven I have seen so far does little to dispel that notion. I like this raid’s design a bunch more than Tomb of Sargeras, but I don’t like how quickly we are looking to get through it.

How has Antorus been going for you so far?

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