Mythic Maiden of Vigilance Phase One Quick Thoughts

Hey all. I’m still around, I’ve just been quite busy this summer and posting/making updates has been on the back-burner. I’ve gotten your comments & e-mails: I will try to get to updating the class guides & mythic+ pages, but no promises!

As my guild works on Maiden of Vigilance, I have some quick thoughts on phase one of the boss that I explained in an imgur image. Maybe it will be of some use to you:

Boss is the Red X. Tanks below the X with backs to hole.

Default positions during phase one should be with your group near the “1.” Try to drop the circles near “1” and move towards “2” so the other color can soak your circles without colliding with you. Reset to “1” once circles are soaked.

Ranged stay mostly behind blue line melee stay mostly in front.

Ranged and Melee avoid colliding, especially when dropping bombs in center hole. Ranged make sure to give melee enough room, stay behind the blue line!

If your guild puts Fel right and Light left then flip things as appropriate, obviously.

The video I reference is this one in the Wowhead Guide.

I hope you all are enjoying 7.3 and making good progress in Tomb of Sargeras!

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