Raid for Legendaries

If you don’t have all the legendaries for your main spec and want to do something about it, this post is for you. Bad luck protection exists: the more chances you have to get a legendary, the better chance you will have of getting one.

Killing a raid boss is one of the highest chances as getting a legendary. You can get legendaries on a fairly consistent basis now (1-2 weeks) if you put the work in. Kill every Legion raid boss you can, on all difficulties you can, every week, with your preferred spec as your loot spec. You will bump up your bad luck protection and have dozens of chances each week to get a new orange item.

With Tomb of Sargeras a few weeks out, if you start now you can likely grab another few legendaries if you clear the raids. I was stuck at six legendaries, and over six weeks, clearing normal, heroic, and mythic of Emerald Nightmare, Trial of Valor, and Normal and Heroic Nighthold, I got to ten. Several friends have had similar success and recommended this method to me. If you want legendaries, this is the best way I know how to get them.

2 thoughts on “Raid for Legendaries”

    1. Artifact Power was a nice added benefit, but the main reason I was doing the raids was for legendaries. I wanted to be sure to go into Tomb with all the ones available for Balance.

      Nighthold is worth doing for AP if you are trying to maximize AP. AP drops are not guaranteed from Trial of Valor and Emerald Nightmare, so the primary value there is fishing for legendaries.

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