Blizzcon 2017

I am heading to Blizzcon 2017! This will be my first Blizzcon- the first time I will visit Los Angeles/Anaheim as well. Aside from “go to Disneyland!” any tips for the visit?

If you read this blog because we are online friends and you are going, be sure to reach out so we can say hi there.

4 thoughts on “Blizzcon 2017”

  1. What fun!
    When it comes to Los Angeles, it is all about time and money. In general, I’d suggest that you simply enjoy Blizzcon; that should be the most fun for you. And, yeah, Disneyland is right there and is one of my favorite spots in the world. Should you have the “time and money” to go up to LA and see Griffith Park or visit the beach in Santa Monica; those would be memories that you’d have for life. Even driving (I hate to say, the traffic is notorious) through Los Angeles makes an impression because it IS so crowded and at a hair-raising 80 miles-an-hour, you will see iconic sights that you will recognize from many movies and television shows. Maybe spend a day at Universal? Really, anything can be fun with friends, even visiting a Wax Museum or seeing the stars on the sidewalk on Hollywood Blvd.

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