Flap – The Number One Reason to Play Druid

If you play Balance Druid and have not heard of Flap, you are missing out. It is our version of Slow Fall, usable only in Moonkin Form (you can use it in other specs with Balance Affinity). You learn the spell from a Tome that you can pick up in Moonglade or the Dreamgrove.

This makes traveling around the broken isles much more quick, and, dare I say, fun. You cannot change directions while flapping, but with good aim, you can run off a cliff on your mount, start flapping, and float gracefully (or not-so-gracefully depending on how you view fat chickens frantically flapping their arms) to your destination.

I think this goes against the spirit of flap, but in patch 7.1.5, you can now use flap with glyph of the stars. You look like you are levitating, not flapping, but the effect is the same.

With this macro:

#showtooltip Flap
/stopcasting [mod:alt]
/use [nomod:alt]Flap

Flap gets even more powerful. You can cancel flap with alt + the key you bind flap to, then recast it before you hit the ground.

Flap gets supercharged when used with The Emerald Winds. With Flap and Winds, you can gain altitude slightly while flapping around, and you can change direction! Take a flight point to somewhere high, and Winds + Flap to your destination. Flap – never leave home without it.

Image: Check out the Majesty of Flap + Winds.

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