Invasions are Great for Leveling before Legion

I’ve been very busy with invasions & World of Warcraft refer-a-friend leveling. Check this post on Reddit for a how-to guide and tips. You can do this by yourself – run two windows of Warcraft on your own computer for two different Warcraft subscriptions. Even if you start Friday evening, you can likely get a full server of characters on your main account to 90 over the weekend before invasions end when Legion launches.

You can save time over the fellow who wrote that guide by using the grant-levels feature of refer a friend. One way of approaching it is leveling two pairs of characters to 90, one pair to 60, one pair to 45, and one pair to 28. Then, use level granting, to bring your main account to two 45 characters, then three 60 characters, then five level 90 characters.

Over the next few weeks, stay tuned for a re-polished class guides compilation for Legion, a roster management tools system for guild leaders, a third user interface post, and more.

If there’s any content you are particularly interested in reading about or any questions you have for Legion, leave a comment and let me know.

Best of luck with the invasions!

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  1. I now have 12 90+ characters on my Alliance server, and am on the way towards 12 90+ on my Horde server. I don’t even need to micromanage two windows – just join group, do stages 1-2, log out, and repeat. One character tags the mobs, and the other character stays in the in at Crossroads/Kharanos, still in experience range and getting credit for the other character’s tags.

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