Mythic Antorus: Tips for Ranged DPS Part One


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I am writing just a few sentences outlining the things I thought were most important to focus on as a ranged DPS. My guild downed the first 6 bosses in week one of mythic, with me playing Balance Druid. We have also had some good progression on the 7th. This guide comes from that experience.

This guide assumes you have completed the bosses in heroic and will not cover heroic mechanics. This guide will not mention abilities that are the primary responsibility of tanks, healers, or melee classes. The dungeon journal is a great resource if you want to read about what every single mechanic does.

Garothi Worldbreaker

This fight is barely different from Heroic. Follow your guild’s strategy for moving out with Decimation. We had the range stack and all move together once it was empowered, which seemed to work fine.

On progression, don’t be afraid to use DPS-loss defensive abilities when soaking Annihilation, especially in the empowered phase. There is no meaningful DPS check on the boss.

My warcraftlogs percentage parse was around 30 on our first (one-shot) kill and around 95 on our second kill. I didn’t get better at DPS a week later, I just realized the boss was super easy for our guild, and I stopped going overboard with bear form and frenzied regeneration. Do I regret that? Not at all, we one-shot the boss and DPS parses are for one-shot farm content only.

Felhounds of Sargeras

Unlike Heroic, tanks may have to keep the bosses farther away from each other, and you will stack near the boss based on the debuff you get, rather than standing in the middle. As such, bring a mostly-single-target build for progression.

This is another fight will little relevant DPS check; focus on movement. Move with your group at orange to avoid placing puddles all over the room, then spread out to avoid cleaving each other with Erupting Flames. The nasty bit is when mechanics overlap, where you need to all be stacked but then spread immediately. None of the mechanics are that hard, just pay attention to when they are coming.

Antoran High Command

Watch your feet,” and don’t trigger mines when the party has a few stacks of the debuff already. Make sure to focus down the bats so they don’t eject raiders from the pods.

Sustained AOE is very important here; it was the fight so far that I felt balance druid was the most uniquely valuable for. The adds on the ground are high priority, especially second phase when the pod is no longer debuffing them.

Make sure you are in the Fel-Shield Emitter second phase to avoid taking excess damage, but move out as soon as the burst damage is over to avoid stacking whirlwinds from the adds.

Portal Keeper Hasabel

Interrupts and creature control spells are very important for the imps, especially when half the party goes up into the portals to down the minibosses. Make sure to save resources for burst AOE damage on the ads if you are not in the portal groups. We went from wiping to killing the boss when everyone started focusing more on these two things.

Balance Druids and Elemental Shaman should almost surely stay on the platform, as their AOE damage is strong and their single target burst is weak.

DPS matters a bit here, as her damage starts to ramp up near the end of the fight in a very-soft-enrage type mechanic. Focus on a build that has good single target but can also cleave off the boss onto the imps when they spawn.

Last but not least, watch your feet. Dying to Felstorm Barrage is easy to avoid so long as you don’t let your mind wander. Move immediately if the green line spawns under you – the blast comes quicker than you think.

Eonar the Life Binder

The portal group is new and interesting. Make sure everyone knows what is going on to avoid unnecessary wipes:

Four groups of four people (1 healer and 3 dps) will be assigned to go up into the ship. Make sure everyone in the group gets to the portal before it spawns and hop in immediately. It spawns near Eonar’s pool. Have an interrupt rotation, and make sure everyone is assigned to a debuff and clicks it up in the Paraxis before the timer runs out.

This rest of this boss comes down more to guild strategy than what you can do as an individual. We split up into two groups and chased the spawn points, with a few DPS and a healer assigned to chase down the bats. Near the end, tons of mobs will spawn; focus groups one-by-one, as once you kill enough mobs you win. You won’t kill all the mobs on the map.

As Balance druid I went full AOE build here. Most ranged will likely want to do that as well.

Imonar the Soul Hunter

This fight is purely single target, of course. We used lust on the third platform, which seems to be an uncommon strategy. More common is lust on the first platform. I’d like to have tried using it on the first platform, as figuring out Balance Druid cooldown usage with third-platform lust continues to be a struggle for me.

A lot of the tricky part of this fight is tanks/healers figuring out how to clear the path during the four platform transitions. We cleared one half of the platform every time, which seemed to work well. DPS without the Empowered Pulse Grenade debuff need to cluster around 10 yards behind the tank. The DPS with Pulse Grenade and at least one healer need to follow behind, spread out single-file.

If you do NOT have Pulse Grenade, make sure to keep moving once you cross the bridge. It is YOUR fault, not the fault of the dps behind you, if they hit you with pulse grenade, if you stop moving once you are off the bridge.

The first, third, and fifth platforms are a lot like heroic.

The second platform, everyone without pulse grenade should stack. Move out near the ship targeting you with Charged Blast. DO NOT BE LAZY AND HAVE THE BEAM CUT ACROSS THE PLATFORM “BARELY MISSING” PEOPLE, MOVE OUT TOWARDS THE SHIP. Someone will move at the last second and you will hit them. Everyone else should move as a group once Shrapnel Blast goes off, leaving a small line of bombs that your raid will never need to explode.

The fourth platform, range should be loose, similar to the first platform, except keep the front and back of the platform where the ships spawn clear. Like in the second phase, move to the ships with Charged Blast.


This fight is all about burst single-target DPS on the adds during intermissions. Spec for single target and go to town on the add you are assigned to.

Other than that, the mechanics for ranged DPS aren’t that complicated and are similar to the trash adds before the boss. The rolling bombs move clockwise; keep your camera facing right to make sure you avoid them.

In the later intermissions of the fight, make extra sure you are not standing in the green swirls, as the damage they do ramps up over the course of the fight. This, combined with tanks needing to explode the rolling bombs, can easily kill you.


That’s all for now. I plan to come back with Part Two once we are further along in progression. Best of luck until then!

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