Mastery for Restoration Druid Raids in 7.1.5

Maybe gearing for mastery in raids is not so crazy for Restoration Druids for challenging progression content.

In progression, players are often at low health. With the Cultivation talent, a Rejuvenation on a party member at low health is already 2 out of 3 of the HOTs for Restoration Druid mastery. Add in a Wild Growth, Spring Blossoms, Cenarion Ward, or Lifebloom, and you are getting full mastery benefit.

A few Restoration druids I have talked to are using a Mastery heavy build on at least some fights. I don’t have all the answers here, but it is something at least worth thinking about.

2 thoughts on “Mastery for Restoration Druid Raids in 7.1.5”

  1. If your raid has healers who coordinate, mastery is the way to go, it gives you a boost where you need it most, low health players or tanks.

    If you are “competing” for healing on meters, haste becomes much more meaningful on charts, but doesn’t necessarily mean your performance was better, especially on long fights where stacking haste can easily lead to mana issues.

    If you are just spread healing with no real coordination, crit becomes the best way to get a boost off your HoT spam.

    It really depends on your team and your healing style. I believe that healing charts don’t matter if your raid survives and the boss dies. I personally use Cultivation for every progression fight, sure I may be a bit lower on charts on the “farm” bosses, but when the raid is low health, a mastery build really shines.

    Another benefit of a mastery focus build is that it carries over well for keystone runs.

  2. Super interesting. In a sense, there are three viable ways to go and; one could argue, that you can’t do it “wrong”. That part is very reassuring.
    I’ve been going Haste with a lot of hold-over in playstyle from past expansions which, kinda, have a choice of Haste or Mastery being part of the conversation and Crit over in the corner. I think that with a Haste focus that it covers the wide range of activities offered in the game. It might be fun to switch out everything for Mastery!

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