Blizzcon 2017

I am heading to Blizzcon 2017! This will be my first Blizzcon- the first time I will visit Los Angeles/Anaheim as well. Aside from “go to Disneyland!” any tips for the visit?

If you read this blog because we are online friends and you are going, be sure to reach out so we can say hi there.

Mythic Kil’Jaeden Takeaways after 100 Pulls

A few nights into progression on the last boss in Tomb of Sargeras, here are my thoughts. If you are progressing on it or about to start, these are the things I wish we had all been clearer on beforehand.

Red Orbs:

  • Change viewing settings to low particle density to dodge red orbs.
  • Dodge red orbs, seriously; dps to boss during that time is not super important compared to making sure you don’t die.
  • Stutterstep the red orbs so you don’t die when placing them.

Purple Orbs:

  • If you die to being knocked off by purple orb, it’s usually your fault. Don’t soak Armageddon far from center if you don’t have blink/similar to avoid dying if the purple orb is in an “unlucky” place.
  • If you aren’t sure where to stand, stand on the shot caller (a tank in our raid) when purple orbs incoming. Either they did it right, or lots of people got knocked off and it’s a disaster anyways.


  • Don’t be lazy, switch to priority targets especially the tank ad. It’s easy to see if you are scumbagging this on logs…