To Consume or Not, That Is the Question

I have been enjoying my Repurposed Fel Focuser, a reusable item that costs 7500 Nethershards and provides a buff equal to a bit less than half a flask. I was running several easy Mythic+ with guild-members the other day, and one asked why I wasn’t using better consumables. I could have been using the full flask (and using Potions of Prolonged Power on cooldown).

I have over one million gold, so I could afford the 500 per hour for flask or 1000 gold per hour for potions of prolonged power – but why spend 1500 per hour when we are consistently 3-chesting the Mythic+ dungeons without me doing so? The idea is that it makes the dungeons go faster, and as a DPS, your job is to make the dungeons go faster.

For any difficult or progression content, I always use the best consumables I can get my hands on. For easy farm, the “why” eluded me a bit. The more I thought about it, the more I thought my guild-member might be right, though. At current wowtoken prices, the consumables would have cost an additional 25 cents per hour, and are at least partially offset by disenchanting the gear from the runs. Even if using better consumables shaves off a minute of time per hour, it’s probably worth doing.

Saving such little gold is a false economy if it makes the dungeons even slightly slower, especially with the prices being what they are relative to my gold and the price of a wowtoken. If the potions were 20,000g per hour that might be a closer call. But as is, why not use them, even on easy content?

My Fel Focuser is probably best used for world quests only, or even not at all in favor of more potent flasks. When prices are low, consume away!